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Elemen Water is the leading expert in Nano Alkaline Water Purification systems. To-date, we have more than 10 brands that are using our leading edge Nano Alkaline Purification process in various packaging. 

HOTLINE 0124113373

You can contact us on our hotline anytime via call, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram or Line. Alternatively, you can also contact our authorised agents below.

  • KL, SELANGOR 0176994022
  • JOHOR, SINGAPORE 0187719600

You are also welcomed to visit our concept store at: 

  • 5, Gerai Baru Jln Serdang, Kilang Lama, 09000, Kulim Kedah
  • Lot 2.8, Kulim Mall, Bangunan MARA, Kilang Lama, 09000, Kulim Kedah